swing state notes: election day edition


The door of the house where I live now has a hand-drawn sign, drawn by my father-in-law: NO POLITICAL SOLICITATIONS. GO AWAY. It’s been a little brutal, here in the 58th Ward: the commercials are relentless, the mail, the phone calls even more so. No matter your sympathies, the cacophony is hard to take.

Today, the vote itself was a little subdued — and a little odd, for someone who has previously voted only in NY and California. Here, instead of the 500-foot rule I’m used to, campaigns can and do post signs right up to 10 feet from the polling place. And I’ve obviously seen too many movies: the electronic voting machine, with its paper-looking plastic and only red lights to signify my choice, looked more like one of the old machines at Coney Island than anything 21st-century.

Unlike the hours-long lines I know are still happening in downtown Philly, the recreation center where we voted today was busy but not jammed, though its count of  290 by noon ( me, my girl and  her parents adding 286-290) still counted as record-breaking. But I’m glad we’re now headed into Center City, where election-day energy should be more in force.

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6 thoughts on “swing state notes: election day edition

  1. You won this one ….. enjoy the HNIC

    my response is simple
    zero consumerism for the next 4 years
    How the Fcuk a man with no credentials won is way beyond my simple tax paying mind

  2. My baby brother, I’m sorry your ears are closed this tight. And we’ll see how long your promise not to work or buy anything holds up.

  3. don’t discredit my opinion with your baby brother comment
    I’m 36 – homeowner, husband, parent , & pay more than enough in taxes – around 40% including property taxes
    Not working is not an option for me – I don’t have that luxury like most of you out there

  4. I don’t reprint lies from wingnut Web sites. If you want to repost with just the link, and without the personal invective, I’ll consider it.

    And I just looked up “HNIC.” That counts as personal invective.

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