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As Russia Invades Ukraine, Let’s Follow Our Best Instincts, Not Our Worst

As European war begins, Chris Lombardi reflects on the role and power of regional and global anti-war movements By Chris Lombardi Over the past few weeks, with clouds of a Russian invasion of Ukraine gathering on the horizon, thw world’s anti-war organizations settled firmly in their ongoing positions; World Beyond War and Code Pink warnedContinue reading “As Russia Invades Ukraine, Let’s Follow Our Best Instincts, Not Our Worst”

On Reality Winner

Last night’s 60 Minutes segment hit all the notes: Winner’s service, her awards, even her moral injury; ” I was starting to see in the news that our mission had a very high civilian casualty rating,” she told Scott Pelley. Winner was honest about what imprisonment did to her and clear about why she brokeContinue reading “On Reality Winner”

Sculpture of Powell and his UN Assembly speech about Iraq, by sculptor Goshka Macuga.

On Colin Powell

The first mention of Colin Powell in Ain’t Marching is about My Lai, about “the massacre’s initial whistleblowers [including]Thomas Glenton, who’d first tried the chain of command and been blown off by Major Colin Powell.”

It’s not the withdrawal

Originally posted on V B I:
Soldiers with the 10th Mountain Division escort evacuees at Hamid Karzai International Airport, Afghanistan, Aug. 20 The invasion was doomed from the start. Addressing America’s current political crisis, Ezra Klein’s essay in The New York Times, “Let’s Not Pretend That the Way We Withdrew From Afghanistan Was the Problem,”…


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