Selected Articles

Links to some of my work that I think holds up after deadline.

Interviews and commentary:

National features:

Urban reporting, from Philly and Manhattan:

  • The foreclosure crisis in Philadelphia, with special focus on NW Philly.
  • When a Philadelphia regional rail station is renovated per ADA, is it really accessible?  And what do people need to consider in this new world of deregulated electricity?
  • The almost-only-in-New-York phenomenon of illegal hotels: My 2007 series on this earned an award for “in-depth reporting” from the NY Newspaper Association. Real estate investment companies manage tosubvert New York law and turn venerable Manhattan buildings over to short-term visitors, despite $188 million in city and state funds collected by such owners.
  • The legacy of civil rights giant Bayard Rustin, who was also a Chelsea gay man 30 years before the type existed.
  • Apparel-industry small businesses fighting proposed zoning changes that would gentrify the Garment District where they work: here and here.
  • A church built to serve new French immigrants in 1857, with a chapel dedicated by Charles de Gaulle, now in danger of being shut down.
  • RNC police lawsuits: The Hudson River Park Trust is still being sued by people swept up by the NYPD during the 2004 Republican National Convention, who were taken to a toxic pier. I also wrote about theexperiences of the cops on duty that week in the former bus depot.
  • The saga of the Hotel Breslin, a Tin Pan Alley jewel turned SRO turned haven for artists of all kinds, now the boutique Ace Hotel.
  • Chelsea’s local prison, the medium-security Bayview Correctional Facility — some of whose inmates are getting ready for release college degrees and drug treatment.
  • Veterans issues,  from homelessness to stopping the war by all means necessary.

More commentary/editorials:

I’m hoping to broaden my freelance portfolio on both the urban reporting front and the human rights front. If you’re interested in working with me, please feel free to make contact.

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