Updated: Naser Abdo, who now sullies the name of dissent.

I wasn’t the only one sunk when we read through this piece about the guy who almost tried another Fort Hood massacre.  Because he was AWOL, and one of us – someone who could have been me – helped him fill out a conscientious-objector application: Like the soldier charged with killing 13 people in theContinue reading “Updated: Naser Abdo, who now sullies the name of dissent.”


While we’re on the subject of resources: look at the upgraded site for the GI Rights Hotline! And I remember when Alex Doty, author of Helping Out, first put some information up on the then-brand-new World Wide Web. Back then the number was 800-FYI-95GI, a number later lost in organizational squabbles. Of course, it wasContinue reading “1-800-listen”