"Let’s hope I don’t have to call you from under a freeway bridge"

From one of the veterans’ lists I’m on, a cri de couer from Placido Salazar, retired USAF who served in Vietnam: This Wednesday morning, I heard that DOD/VA were holding Suicide Prevention “hearings” at the most luxurious hotel (Grand Hyatt) in downtown San Antonio. I was able to get there for the afternoon session. IContinue reading “"Let’s hope I don’t have to call you from under a freeway bridge"”

once a decade: a vlog of musical non-discoveries

About once a decade, the zeitgeist reminds me why music matters. In 1987, I thought one day I’d be attending one of Paul Simon’s famously mellow concerts at Carnegie Hall, and instead ended up blown away by this (though without the African skies above me): Years after that, I was intrigued enough by this guyContinue reading “once a decade: a vlog of musical non-discoveries”

zero hour, nine a.m.

It’s Pearl Harbor Day – a day I’m writing about right now in my chapter, when a lot of my characters felt put on notice.  And right now so do I, with my deadline screaming at me.  My most recent blogging has been at a Facebook page I put together for Ain’t Marching, rather thanContinue reading “zero hour, nine a.m.”

Guest blog: also a definition of "straight ally"

Dan Savage’s comment on Salon: “Straight people can’t hear it.”  Ouch. Prejudice arises from lots of things, but persecution is driven by fear.  All the real problems around both women’s rights and gay rights seem to me to come from what I’m afraid I’ve taken as a gvien:  straight men fear women and gays.  TheContinue reading “Guest blog: also a definition of "straight ally"”

Reading Our Way Through Economic Disaster

(A post at WVFC by my boss Patricia Yarberry Allen, for which was a quite active midwife. Stay for the Henry Fonda video!) Americans are drowning in a sea of information about the financial calamities that roil our society.  We seem to be incapable of understanding that our Titanic, a ship of a country soContinue reading “Reading Our Way Through Economic Disaster”

older cities of dreams

Which of these venerable, beloved by artists (and thus too costly for most), old streets came first? Philly’s Old City, where I sit now (in a cafe I already love)? Or its jealous cousin in my hometown? I suspect the latter, due to the Dutch assault on the Lenape land predating the days of WilliamContinue reading “older cities of dreams”

of body counts and word counts

The quietude here has been almost a good sign: I’m finally sucked in by the book.  I walk to the gym thinking about Donelson Caffery and Lewis Douglass, sleep followed by the ghost of Bierce. I then have to remember to work in the data I sort of started with, about desertion and dissent andContinue reading “of body counts and word counts”

paralyzed by constant motion

Those who know me best know one of the reasons I’ve not posted in a week: this new gig I’ve taken on, on top of everything else, is making my already-overcrowded brain call out: APPROACHING MAXIMUM CAPACITY — even as it brings me back to my starting point as a NY journalist. Now, before movingContinue reading “paralyzed by constant motion”

Notes from Winter Soldier on the Hill, part one

“I joined the military to kill Iraqi people,” Kristofer Goldsmith said softly in a Congressional hearing room on Thursday. The slim young veteran, his Mohawk pulled back from his head in a half-braid, kept his eyes focused forward as news photographers scurried under the table at which he sat, snapping photographs as he continued: ”Continue reading “Notes from Winter Soldier on the Hill, part one”