100 million castaways, demanding a home

100 million: That’s how many people who felt as I did last week. Or at least as many as stood up yesterday to say: Not in our America. Using the skills that were so essential to the election of the current president, a handful of kids-with-broadband organized the event in cities around the country. They usedContinue reading “100 million castaways, demanding a home”

Notes from a swing state

Walking along this suburban-ish street today, I kept seeing young people with clipboards. Using cell phones. I giggled; this is what democracy looks like. Those who know me well, or even knew my old blog shop, might feel puzzled that I almost never blog about electoral politics  – especially since I moved this summer toContinue reading “Notes from a swing state”

So much for the loneliness of the long-distance runner

National Novel Writing Month? Me? Normally, I’m one of those skeptical of the enterprise, the idea that a jillion people checking in online and pushing out 50,000 words had anything to do with producing quality work. Still, over the years I’ve thought of doing it, worried about it, then as I put aside the ideaContinue reading “So much for the loneliness of the long-distance runner”

older cities of dreams

Which of these venerable, beloved by artists (and thus too costly for most), old streets came first? Philly’s Old City, where I sit now (in a cafe I already love)? Or its jealous cousin in my hometown? I suspect the latter, due to the Dutch assault on the Lenape land predating the days of WilliamContinue reading “older cities of dreams”

diving into the wreck

A post of re-entry: the task of moving while doing the newsblog for Women’s Voices and finishing up my responsibilities at Chelsea Now was pretty punishing, and pushed me almost entirely away from the book. Now I sit on the back porch of my in-laws’ house in northeast Philadelphia, birds chatting away about the unexpectedContinue reading “diving into the wreck”