the real happiest places on earth

Two quick notes so while I crash through my book deadline, one serious, one less so: I have even less useful to say about Gaza than I had on Mumbai. So I’ll take refuge, as I often do, to the one spot of hope I know of in that part of the world. I rememberContinue reading “the real happiest places on earth”

poetry is news that stays news

Recently, I spend four hours transcribing an interview with this guy, who’d privileged me with two hours of his time.  The link tells you why he talked to me; below is why you should care. I defy you not to get chllls, especially if you understand what his title refers to. The Phoenix Program byContinue reading “poetry is news that stays news”

2008 was the REAL Year of the Woman

From my right-hand sis Elizabeth Willse, a New Year’s hail. Among the menopausal mamas she hailed were some I’ve not yet noted here: This week’s  Newsweek Magazine notes that Oprah Winfrey’s influence on the 2008 presidential campaign is still being debated: “She’s denied that Obama is giving her a job, but we know she alreadyContinue reading “2008 was the REAL Year of the Woman”

If you're mad about Rick Warren, get out tomorrow and light up the night.

I was going to try to write about  Rick Warren being  asked to give the inaugural invocation, which yesterday pulled me from my bookwriting stupor back into that November 5, no we can’t! fury. And as you see above, I wasn’t alone: As Michelle Goldberg puts it so pleasantly in The Guardian: He is aContinue reading “If you're mad about Rick Warren, get out tomorrow and light up the night.”

the WAC of my dreams

It’s a voice I hardly remember not having heard: the writer in the edgy science-fiction anthologies, the voice cool as ice, the material borderline radical. How many times did I read “The Girl Who was Plugged In” (turned later into an episode of Paradox), whose plaintive cyborg “Delphi” predated Blade Runner by decades?  Or theContinue reading “the WAC of my dreams”

Diversity begins at home.

You’d think that someone who started out her interest in military-GI issues advocating for women in the military, working hand in hand with  the likes of Linda Grant de Pauw, Rep. Patricia Schroeder and  Captain Barb, who therefore knew about women in every war fought by the U.S, would have women as characters easily lacedContinue reading “Diversity begins at home.”

Superman vs. the VFW?

In the department of stuff you come across while looking for something else, I found this radio show (the link brings on streaming audio). Click, and you can listen to a “thousands of GI’s” protesting “racial discrimination in state hiring,” and a kind of unusual ally has their backs: Superman, who flies in to stopContinue reading “Superman vs. the VFW?”

100 million castaways, demanding a home

100 million: That’s how many people who felt as I did last week. Or at least as many as stood up yesterday to say: Not in our America. Using the skills that were so essential to the election of the current president, a handful of kids-with-broadband organized the event in cities around the country. They usedContinue reading “100 million castaways, demanding a home”

The XX factor in Obama's transition

On my way to New York today, where I plan on seeing Jeffrey Renard Allen give a reading in my old ‘hood and cover tomorrow’s hearing for the Iraq vets that make up the Hempstead 15. But to wrap up the election thread for this week, here’s the news blog I wrote for WVFC, sinceContinue reading “The XX factor in Obama's transition”