don't know much bout eco-nomics

My bankruptcy lawyer, among others, is quite aware of my financial illiteracy (something I’m not proud of). Which has likely made it amusing, for the five to ten regular readers of this blog, as I worried about having to get an MBA in order to understand NYC’s then-peaking real estate market. I wanted to simultaneouslyContinue reading “don't know much bout eco-nomics”

non-state of the union, semi liveblog

You know you’ve spent too much time doing nothing but write when you show up at a party of sorts – the Philadelphia Drinking Liberally, featuring cool folk like Duncan and Jeremy and Roxanne – and end up fading into the background. You know you’re hanging out with bloggers when you realize its been wayContinue reading “non-state of the union, semi liveblog”

hearting Keith Olbermann one more time

Before it gets too old:  Paul Schindler at Gay City News (one of the hardest-working and most brilliant journos I know) sends this report from the weekend’s Human Rights Campaign dinner, where Keith Olbermann (above) schooled the lawmakers in the room: In an evening when the governor of New Jersey made his most forceful statementContinue reading “hearting Keith Olbermann one more time”

hanoi hannah in philadelphia

Still CRAZY deadlined. Spent much of the weekend in 1968, when — as Nancy Zaroulis and Gerald Sullivan put it in their 1984 Who Spoke Up?: American Protest Against the War in Vietnam — “events happened so quickly, hammer blow after hammer blow, that in retrospect it seems astonishing that the national psyche survived intact.Continue reading “hanoi hannah in philadelphia”

project fahrenheit

When I was a teenager, in the course of a few years I gobbled books by all the masters of science fiction — Heinlein, Asimov, Bradbury, Harlan Ellison — paying more attention to plot than prose. That was mostly appropriate, both as  a 13-year-old and because for most, what made the books special was theirContinue reading “project fahrenheit”

By the way, for those who tweet

I can’t decide whether Twitter is an exercise in mass haiku, an ADD enabler, a time sink or all of the above. I’m therefore not doing a widget with this. But if you tweet, consider following Chris411 and I’ll reciprocate. (Though if I know you, you’re too busy following Brent Spiner or Rachel Maddow.) Update:Continue reading “By the way, for those who tweet”

because yesterday, inauguration commenters all said…

That there’s “consensus” about the wars we’re mired in: p.s. Part of me is still holding onto yesterday’s glow, at least a little – and bemused by what ended up in the liveblog I was running all day: earnest joy, snark, sly memories, and thanks to Julia, an endorsement from a bobcat.

MLK: words immortal, work unfinished

For many, probably most, people today’s observance is also a cry of joy about the possibilities represented by (say it!) President Barack Obama. But I personally hope our new president listens to *this* MLK speech tonight somewhere, and maybe puts a podcast of it on his iPod or something. The words still hold, until bigContinue reading “MLK: words immortal, work unfinished”

call me "minor but influential?"

My journalistic ouevre is not as deep as most. But for ha-has, I did an ego search on Google Books, and found myself cited in more books than I expected (and quoted,too). I irrationally went, “Woot!” I’m also deeply curious what piece of mine falls under “restricted’ content. Now I have to go back toContinue reading “call me "minor but influential?"”

three quick taps again

More completely disparate bits, on the same principle as the last. First —  Forget NYPIRG, President Obama was that same rare species as I – a 1980’s college peacenik! Luckily, the snarky press only recently hold of this earnest student article in a Columbia U magazine, whose eager framing of its subjects reminds me ofContinue reading “three quick taps again”