gentry less faded, more "ified"

I’ve loved my neighborhood since before the realtors renamed it “Hudson Heights”; my best friend has lived in various corners thereof for 20-some years, and I soon knew both the assets and the liabilities of this small town at the top of the island. But by the time we moved  up here five years ago,Continue reading “gentry less faded, more "ified"”

Groundhog Day, with a few more clues

Then as now, there sat the opposition, renegade transit planners and passenger organizations with their own quixotic-seeming quest to remake the project.

In the interim, NJT had revised its plans significantly, but not to respond to the critics. Instead, the plan had diverged even further from its original concepts. There went those critics’ hopes to integrate the tunnel station with a regional rail system, as in Paris or Philadelphia.

the machine that goes ping!

Like a lot of people, I’ve been thinking a lot about the upcoming primaries in Pennsylvania. On a separate stream, I’ve watched in train-wreck fear the wave of voting-machine failures, from Florida to Ohio. Thus, this report from the Star Ledger (ht: Raw Story) is particularly unsettling. The voting machines just subpoenad in New Jersey,Continue reading “the machine that goes ping!”

the kid gets an award

Just got word from colleagues ar Community Media that my series on illegal hotels (see Selected Articles, or just google my name and “illegal hotels”) was given an award for “in depth reporting” by the New York Newspaper Association. The citation read: “These stories were well written as well as rich and informative–putting a consistentlyContinue reading “the kid gets an award”

rashomon, via NYC schools

This past Tuesday, I sat in a windowless classroom on my beat, getting yelled at by a principal, four assistant principals, and a handful of teachers and students from a local high school. Many of their sentences began: “Do you even know..?” Did I know that their math team had done well? That their mediaContinue reading “rashomon, via NYC schools”