tangled webs scooping up veterans' lives

Take the Walter Reed scandal, cross-breed it with the U.S. Attorney scandal,and you end up with this. A man who secured VA disability benefits for PTSD, after a long struggle, now sits in jail for receiving those benefits. (Warning: the link, like many/most VA stories, can drive you a little nuts.)

and so it begins.

I may not have the luxury of time that some of my role models had, three years on a dissertation and THEN two years to make it sing (yes, Mr. Moser, yes, Mr. Joseph, I mean you). But by June 30, 2008, all these important and compelling stories, from William Bowser to Ricky Clousing, have to coalesce into a document that speaks to people. Which means, given my penchant for UGLY first drafts, I have to get serious.

I get it. Google "war critics," then jam together some quotes to support your thesis.

That God for other wonks who have the patience to deconstruct this. When I saw the item yesterday from the Associated Press, I couldn’t believe it. It’s sort of the opposite of what they taught us in journalism school. I thought the AP, of all things, stuck to actual reporting.