Getting to know our partners #2

Our own Jon Hutto on his activist evolution, Kwame Toure, and EmpowerDC’s mutual aid work.

Food for All DC

Interview by Peter Sage with Mr. Jonathan W. Hutto, Sr. from Empower DC

Jonathan Hutto is a Community Organizer with Empower DC, a community based organization in partnership with Food For All DC to support those struggling with food insecurity. Jonathan joined the Staff of Empower DC in early July of 2018 and has labored as a Human Rights Organizer since his Undergraduate student years at Howard University in the mid to late 1990’s. Over the past nearly 25 years, Jonathan has made substantial contributions to the Struggle for DC Self- Determination, for Police Accountability, for World Peace and for Housing as a Human Right for all Human Beings.

Peter –How do you make a difference through Empower DC?

Jonathan – Empower DC is an advocacy organization that builds power among those most directly impacted by inequality. We work with front-line communities bearing the brunt of crises and…

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