Marianne Hamilton, Presente! Peace Activist and Co-founder of Women Against Military Madness

I don’t remember when I first heard of MAMM, it feels so essential. Rest in power, Sister Marianne,

Rise Up Times

Her opposition to war and quest for peace, based in Minnesota, ranged across continents and took her from Vietnam to other parts of Southeast Asia and Central America.   

By Carol Masters  WAMM Newsletter  Volume 35, Number 6  December 2017

Marianne was gracious, kind, funny, fearless, and persistent—some of the words her friends and colleagues use to describe her. We remember and miss her throaty and reassuring voice, her dazzling smile.

She was a founding mother of Women Against Military Madness (WAMM), described by the Star Tribune as “the state’s most enduring antiwar organization” when it celebrated its 35th anniversary this year. She brought to the organization many gifts, not the least of which was her personal and continuing history as an activist. In a 2007 Kevin McKeever vimeo, she describes herself as the precocious child of socially engaged Catholic parents. Her mother, Sally DeFay, encouraged her in public…

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