Was Brussels attack retaliation for Coalition air strikes killing civilians at Mosul University?

Carol Anne Grayson (Radical Sister) blog


“Blood for Blood” (posted by IS supporter) 

In recent days, Amaq media which reports news from the Islamic State (IS) claimed Coalition airstrikes had targeted the University of Mosul, Iraq, dated 20th March 2016. A video was released entitled, “Mosul – First Instants of the American Bombing on the Majmu’ah Yesterday”. Mosul is known as a public university and one of the largest educational and research centers in the Middle East. It is the second largest university in Iraq after the University of Baghdad.

Video footage from Amaq showed a man pointing to the sky, aircraft could be heard, terrified cries, car horns and huge clouds of smoke and dust rising above the university building. Bodies could be seen on the ground amidst the debris.

A further news post under “headlines” was published within the last 24 hours entitled, “Breaking: 6 women and 2 children killed by US airstrikes on faculty housing…

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