Graham Greene: He carried the war in his heart, infecting everything

For peace, against war: literary selections


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Graham Greene: A hundred English Guernicas

Graham Greene: Letter On NATO Threat To Cuba

Graham Greene: None of us can hate any more – or love. You have to feel something to stop a war.


Graham Greene
From The Confidential Agent (1939)


He carried the war in his heart: give me time, he thought, and I shall infect anything…I ought to wear a bell like the old lepers…

He had indeed brought the war with him: the infection was working already. He saw beyond the lounge – sitting with his back turned at the first table inside the restaurant – the other agent. His hand began to shake just as it always shook before an air raid…

It had not been an unexpected day: this was the atmosphere in which he had lived for two years. If he had found…

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