Where are all the moral professionals at?

From the guy who wrote the book on moral injury, an invitation ….

Feral Theology

I have been involved in discussions about combat stress for a good number of years now. Even if you don’t count my combat deployment in 2004, I was being treated for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder since my discharge in 2006, and was eventually diagnosed in 2008. As a student veteran at Hawaii Pacific University, I read Brett Litz’s journal article on “moral injury” and my participation in the 2010 Truth Commission on Conscience in War included my being both a testifier and a commissioner. Of course, that was after I returned as a civilian to my former field of battle (Iraq), but before I wrote two books on my experience wrestling with who and what I was as someone touched so personally by war.

From http://www.mtvmhc.org/a-moral-injury-beyond-ptsd/

I then listened, read, and watched a lot of podcasts, articles, and documentaries about this new “moral injury” thing captivating the attention of the VA. Of particular…

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