Chris Kyle vs Tomas Young: The Real War in America

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It’s hard to turn on the TV or scroll through Facebook these days without seeing a story about Chris Kyle or the Clint Eastwood film, “American Sniper.” Whether you are pro or con Kyle, it’s difficult to argue that, right now, our country seems to be consumed with this man’s life. As an associate member of the organization Veterans for Peace, I am quite sure you can surmise which side of the aisle I stand on; however, just in case there is any confusion, let me make things crystal clear: I am not a fan. I will admit that, prior to his death, I knew absolutely nothing about the man, and after his death, anything that I have learned has come from reading interviews and watching his talk show appearances.

I had every intention of sitting down to watch “American Sniper” this morning, just to see what all…

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