For Love of Country

Brandon Bryant is now important to my book’s Chapter 13. But his Veterans Day thoughts are IMPORTANT here.

Project Red Hand

The first Veteran’s Day I spent in the military happened in 2005.  I was at Goodfellow AFB in the super (ironically) independent, nationally militaristic, pro-war, anti-humanitarian, Christian state of Texas. Made me proud to be a military member. I was only four months into my service.

A year later, I was finishing up my drone training at Creech AFB, 40 minutes north of the Las Vegas city limits.  I was dealing with a failing relationship, professional drama, and enough personal qualms to not really appreciate the appreciation for my service. Some of my former peers had gone out in uniform to get their pats on the head like good boys and girls, eager to sit down in a fancy restaurant for a free meal.  I stayed home and read a book.

Three weeks later, I watched as an American Convoy hit an IED.  As far as I knew, all the…

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