African American Connection to the Philippines

This is the territory I am again mining.

Atlanta Daily World


Although the Spanish-American War (1898) is a well-known episode in US history, few of us know that immediately following the end of hostilities with Spain, the USA initiated a war of colonization against the Philippines. Interestingly, Black America figured into this war in a very odd way.

The US claimed the Philippines as a trophy from their war with Spain. The problem is that before the US military arrived in the Philippines, there was a very successful insurrection underway by the Filipinos, an insurrection that was nearing victory. The Philippine rebels believed that the US had arrived to assist in the final push against the Spanish. Instead, the US troops turned against the Filipino rebels and embarked on what can only be understood to have been a racist, genocidal war aimed at subjugating the archipelago.

The war started February 2, 1899.

Black America found itself in an odd place at…

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