Kickstarting: you saw it here first

AKickstart Rideout 2010. Thanks to peep_squeak for this Flickr photo.
A Kickstart Rideout 2010.

Apology for the self-promotion, but  I also want to let folks here know first what’s going on.

In this phase of my author-journey — the one I described a few weeks back —  I’m learning that it really takes a village to get this book complete. Not just the hundreds who’ve let me interview you or coached me on documentation, either. Now, I’m hoping to crowd source the final costs — both my living expenses in Philly till it’s done, and the cost of bringing in a consultant to help me make BOTH the printed and digital pieces of this project sing.

And yes, like many others, I’m using to do it — the top no-muss no-fuss way to fundraise for something that needs finishing.The bigwigs at Kickstarter are looking over my package now, so I don’t have a live link yet— or a more personal way to ask you to consider participating. In addition to the cool rewards!

But I wanted to share the video we came up with.  Many thanks, again, to the fearless Brian Siano, who gave of his valuable time to help make this possible. That’s his voice you hear at the beginning,  in the historical narration, before you get to me and my plea. We couldn’t use Phil Ochs for legal reasons, but I think it captures the magnitude of this strange, strange project. And thanks to peep_squeak for this Flickr photo of his bike, actually named Kickstart.  It may take a village, but maybe sometimes it takes our kinda hell’s angels.

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