While we’re on the subject of resources: look at the upgraded site for the GI Rights Hotline! And I remember when Alex Doty, author of Helping Out, first put some information up on the then-brand-new World Wide Web. Back then the number was 800-FYI-95GI, a number later lost in organizational squabbles. Of course, it was also a handful of groups doing this kind of information and referral. Now, there are scores of groups and an impressive infrastructure, with approved standards of care and deep legal resources. The no-longer-new-number:


The mission, as ever, is the same: to listen to the particulars of any servicemember who calls, and provide our best information as to their options. Or a phone number for them to learn more, to a lawyer or other professional. Being at that other end of the line changed my life. If you’re so inclined, click the link and see if it might do the same for you. 

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