PTSD in contractors? Who’s surprised?

Yeah, those guys in the fancy non-uniforms and big paychecks and company names that sound like something out of “Caprica.” I’d guessed this was coming; now, see ProPublica’s new investigation of the issue here.

I also commented on their study at my new Alternet blog. From now on, the current-affairs stuff here will often originate there, and vice versa. But only here can you see bits and pieces of the book in process, and tell me what I’m doing wrong.

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One thought on “PTSD in contractors? Who’s surprised?

  1. Check out the informational brochures available for free from Medical Whistleblower on the website:

    See this related article on PTSD in police officers
    OpEd News Wednesday, March 31, 2010

    Vicarious and Whistleblower Trauma in Those Who Protect and Serve

    Law Enforcement Officers can themselves become Medical Whistleblowers. In the performance of their duties Law Enforcement Officers can confront medical fraud, abuse, neglect and human rights violations. They deal daily with crime, criminal suspects, and the vulgarities of the imperfect court system. Law enforcement officers become hardened to the trauma they see every day but are not unaffected.

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