Don’t ask, don’t tell — don’t fight? queer notes from another pacifist for soldiers

Photo: Stephen Voss for The Advocate

I mentioned David Mixner back on Groundhog Day, when, appropriately enough, the Senate held their first-ever hearings on DADT. Now, you can click here to read a longer version of my interviews with him, including one about Sec. Gates’ slow-mo plan for repeal. The money quote, to me:

If Obama had to live by (DADT) regulations, he couldn’t. He couldn’t mention Michelle, the girls. She couldn’t live at the White House, she would get no benefits, and he couldn’t have pictures of them at his desk. He can’t live like that: why the hell does he think we can?

Mixner was less convincing, I thought, when asked about the vexing nexus of pacifism and GI rights. Perhaps he should come to the next GI Rights Network conference this spring. and talk to others for whom that dance is important.

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