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With the book’s pub date at least a year away, I know it’s too early for excerpts. But when Michael Archer, who has built a giant of online publishing since he and I parted ways as Fred Tuten‘s students at CCNY, asked if I had something that might suit, what could I do but pull together this essay? It may end up being my book’s prologue. (Many thanks to Toward Freedom, a web site put together in honor of David Dellinger, for linking to the piece.) I still prefer my original title, “because you can’t live that way and keep anything inside you,” but I guess “Loyal Opposition” tells you much more immediately what it’s about.

Those of you who read my reporting on Winter Soldier 2008 will find the opening familiar, but before long the story, like me, is unstuck in time.

Clay MacCauley at extreme left.
Clay MacCauley at extreme left.

I particularly liked  being able to characterize Clay MacCauley, veteran of the Battle of Chancellorsville and a foe of the Philippine war in 1899, as a “sort of sepia Kerry.”

To see what I mean by that, click here. Tell me what you think, when you have the time. Who and what am I missing?

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