watch this. then again. then vote. then cry.

Running behind, as usual. But I finally saw this, a few days after another viewing of Brother Outsider. A week to the election and I can’t get enough of angelic troublemakers. (I also can’t wait for the flick to come out, whatever Gawker says.)

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One thought on “watch this. then again. then vote. then cry.

  1. Interesting, I had no idea this was coming out -there’s a really excellent documentary floating around on the subject. Sadly, status of prop 8 here in CA is very unsure at the moment – alot of out of state money has poured into scare ads to get people to approve it – and take away the right of gay people to marry in CA. I don’t know if it’s too late to do any good, but here’s a link to the no on 8 campaign if anyone wants to contribute:

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