older cities of dreams

Which of these venerable, beloved by artists (and thus too costly for most), old streets came first?

Philly’s Old City, where I sit now (in a cafe I already love)?

Or its jealous cousin in my hometown?

I suspect the latter, due to the Dutch assault on the Lenape land predating the days of William Penn.

However, both bow down to their ancestor above, in the country of *my* particular forefathers. I’d love to live there too.

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Journalist, novelist, educator.

One thought on “older cities of dreams

  1. Older cities do have a certain pulse in their bricks, which even I do sometimes miss in this land of pastel stucco structures growing out of hills. One of the things I found endearing about Seattle was it’s mix of West Coast-ness and “east Coast” brick along the docks.

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