the courage not to bomb

Amid primaries, protests, and my quixotic effort to make progress on my book, I’ve kept headlines like this and this tucked away at the side of my brain, where my belief in the strong possibility of an October surprise lives and worries.

But now, I hear Tim Russert has taken time off from Hillary-bashing to let the cat out of the bag.  Dday notes that

yesterday, Tim Russert kind of came out of nowhere by basically announcing to Barack Obama that we’re about to drop multiple bombs on Iran. I’m guessing that Russert, who talks to all sorts of foreign policy elite members and figures inside the Bush Administration and presumes those conversations to be off the record unless specified, knows a lot more about this than he’s letting on. And over the last week, we’ve paradoxically seen Administration rhetoric over Iran grow more heated, with the head of the CIA claiming that Iranian policy is “to help kill Americans in Iraq,” while the US has joined major powers in offering a package of incentives to Iran to get them to curtail the nuclear program that the latest NIE says they’ve already stopped.

We already know what song John McCain will be singing. Will the Dem nominee have the guts not to sing along? Or will they do as Tim O’Brien says grunts in Vietnam did – kill for fear of being called cowards?

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