many mazeltovs to a giant

When the Macarthur Awards were announced this spring, I can’t believe I missed it;  that one went to Dr. Jonathan Shay. Luckily,  Lily was more attentive, noting it on her own invaluable blog, Healing Combat Trauma. The debt owed Shay by so many of us is hard to quantify.

HCT has the links to several recent appearances; but spend some time while you’re there,  The bibliography alone is worth the click, let alone all the analysis.

And speaking of combat trauma, I just finished 1968 by Joe Haldeman, better known as author of The Forever War. Writing that good makes you want to either give up, in the face of a master, or dare yourself not to settle.

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One thought on “many mazeltovs to a giant

  1. Thanks very much for the nice mention! I really appreciate it. I’m definitely doing everything I can to bring attention to this topic, so it’s great to see others who care. Thanks…

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